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Network Administration & Support


Need help to maintain your Network and Servers?  Monitor backups, event logs, and user security?  Provide desktop support, new computer deployment and other services to end users?  We would be happy to tailor a service contract that can cover all or any of these services to meet your needs.  If you have in-house Network Management and Support, we are always willing to work as a team to provide any of these services.


Troubleshooting & Repair


Do you have a troubled notebook or desktop PC with either software or hardware issues?  We can assist

with diagnosing the problem and resolving it.  This includes reloading the operating system, removing

any threats such as Viruses or Spyware, and replacing defective hardware.


Installation & Setup


Need new computers setup and connected to the internet a wireless network, or domain?  We can help with all of these including making sure all data is removed from the old computer and connecting external peripherals to the new computer.  We can also install and setup:  Servers and Domains, File Sharing, Users Accounts, Security, Wireless Networks, VPN's, Remote Access and Cloud Based Solutions.


Virus, Spyware, & Addware Removal


Are your computers bogged down with popup ads and other annoyances that are slowing down 

your PC boot time and internet connection?  Viruses, spyware, popup ads, and adware have

become anepidemic affecting almost every computer.  We can remove these annoyances and

install and configure software that will block most of these threats in the future.



Data & Voice Cabling


We can handle most of your Data, Voice and Catv cabling needs.  All work is done with the highest quality

cabling and workmanship.  We can also install and secure all of your racks, patch panels, phone blocks

and other related fixtures.


Custom Spaces for Computer Equipment & Fixtures


Trying to turn a closet or a tight space into a home for Servers and other equipment?  We can help with modifying the space to accommodate this equipment.  Here in the shop we can fabricate any custom racks, shelves or counters to fit into the space.  Install adequate ventilation and power for the equipment.  We also can repair or modify any existing Computer Furniture or Fixture.

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